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Client Reviews

I am so honoured to have received countless positive reviews from the 121QA survey sent out to clients after every firm deal. I have included some of those reviews, a video testimonial and a wonderful email from clients to the owner of my company below. I look forward to helping you with similar positive experiences with your vision of the future.

Nat and Ryan had such a great experience that they insisted on doing a testimonial video. This lovely couple speaks of their house hunting experience, if Wesley has their best interests at heart, their multiple offer situation and if they would recommend Wesley's services to others. Enjoy!

Client Social Media Post

Scotty decided to post on facebook to all his friends and family regarding his experience with Wesley. Thanks Scotty!

121QA Client Surveys

121QA is a third party service provider that sends out a survey to every client after a firm deal. This is completely voluntary so it is very much appreciated clients took the time to write such incredible statements about their experience. Below are only a handful of positive reviews from clients.

Video Testimonial

Email to the Broker Owner of RE/MAX Escarpment

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